Garage Door Cables

Garage Door Cable Replacement El Paso TX

A common problem found with residential garage doors in El Paso is when the cables that wind the doors up fray or break. Garage door cables are an integral piece of garage doors that will slowly weaken with time and eventually need to be replaced. When a cable becomes loose or breaks, it will cause the garage door to hang from one end and not be able to close or open completely, or sometimes not at all! Our expert garage door repair technicians can replace your old worn cables with new high quality steel parts that will last and are made to repel rust.

We carry all the different widths and lengths of cables to ensure that you get the right part for your particular garage door. Depending on the weight of your door, our technician will choose the right strength for both longevity and safety. If you have noticed fraying in your cables, the time to replace them is now because you can prevent further damage to your tracks and other parts. Many times cables will become unwound if your rollers are going bad, when we respond to your call our professionals will work through our 25 point checklist to make sure all of your garage door parts are performing their jobs correctly.

We offer 7 day a week service for all garage door cable problems in the El Paso area, so give us a call now to schedule your appointment. Ask about our specials!

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