Garage Door Installation

New Garage Door Installation El Paso

Why choose us to install your new garage door?

  • Custom installs by expert technicians
  • Many styles to choose from for every budget

We sell and replace old garage doors with brand new ones every single day in El Paso. With our long list of great brands, sizes and styles to choose from, we will surely get your the look you want for your home at a great price. Garage doors take tons of abuse, both from being opened thousands of times over their lifespan and being constantly battered by the weather. Our garage door salesman and installers will help you choose the right door for your circumstances, whether that be a wood, metal, or composite garage door. If your in the market for a new garage door in El Paso Texas, make sure to give us a call!

We stock and carry garage doors from many top brands.

  • Clopay
  • CHI
  • Amarr
  • Wayne Dalton
  • Northwest Door

The Steps Involved

No major step involving a garage door installation should be skipped if you expect an appropriately functioning Garage Door. First of all, a stiffener should be attached along the top side of the door so that there is no sagging as the door is opened or closed. If not done already, we will assemble the door according to its pattern. Installing the garage door opener is the next point to think about if there is not one already in the correct place. One can entirely depend on Quality Garage Door Repair El Paso for the best installation of the automatic garage door opener that adheres to the manufacturer instruction so that there is no trouble with opening the door in future.

Major aspects of Garage Door Installation

Here come the key steps of fitting door to the garage door system that Quality Garage Door Repair El Paso in El Paso TX will do with absolute care. Initially, opener has to be mounted on the door with help of trolley. The opener should be centered with the door before fixing to avoid winding or even bending of it. The following step is to tweak counterbalance of the door which is done at every foot that the garage door is lifted. This is essential for stableness of the door and will allow lifting of the door even though the opener is unhooked or begins to malfunction. After all these tasks are carried out, lastly examine the garage door by opening and shutting a number of times to make sure that parts are appropriately arranged and no squeaking sound is produced.

Best Technique of Garage Door Installation

Things may go in wrong way while carrying out installations or repair task of any garage door system if not done in ideal way. It is practically never sensible for a beginner to try installing a garage door without being accustomed to all critical actions and safety facts because inadequate training may bring a disaster. It is always safe to seek professional service for this complicated job and Quality Garage Door Repair El Paso Garage Doors offer inexpensive yet good quality service in this regard. Our technicians are trained comprehensively to handle any form of garage door task properly such as installation, restoration and maintenance.

Quality Garage Door Repair El Paso has a remarkable reputation in El Paso TX for garage door installation services and we are always prepared to help you in the best possible way

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